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About GetTemplate

GetTemplate is a project of Sergey Pozhilov - freelance UI/UX designer, developer and avid follower of technology.

For the past decade I've been crafting user-centered design experiences for the web and mobile. I specialize in responsive front-end design, HTML/CSS and CMS theming (WordPress mostly). Some other areas of expertise are back-kend development (PHP, Laravel, MySQL), interface design, rapid prototyping, wireframing. Most days I work with pixels, grids, colors and lines of code. Currently I work solo designing and coding web sites and online applications for clients worldwide.


UI/UX Design

I’ve designed all sorts of projects for all sorts of clients, and the only thing that all my final products had in common is that they had to serve, sell, market and promote. The only way to achieve this is by creating masterly, finished products that convey professionalism and user satisfaction. Every single detail does matter - structure, typography, proportions, colors, patterns, lines, edges... All should be synchronized to complete the maximum UX.

Bespoke Themes

Making themes for custom web applications and CMS like WordPress, Squarespace and alike - that's my primary area of expertise. So, hiring me for a project of that kind, you can expect 2 things - (1)that the code will be well-written, and (2) the original visual design will be replicated in code with pixel-perfect quality.

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